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                  WELCOME TO SILLYDOGS

                     WE RAISE OUR DOGS TO GIVE YOU


           AND VERY SOCIAL,     





                          FAMILY DOGS

                since 2004


bernedoodle puppy standard poodles





           & EAR WASH

 My name is Kimber, My husband Marshall, our 4 kids Travis, Darien, Shyliea, Laurell & the other kids we claim as ours too, Leona, Jeramiaha, Jonas, Paul, Faith, Jordyn and our grand babies River & Trafton, we are all a part of   We have standard poodle puppies and Bernedoodle puppies snuggling with us all the time, we all love our dogs more than you can imagine. They sleep on our beds with us and get lots of treats, pets, car rides and love.

I also work as the shelter manager for our local cat shelter where we do cat and kitten adoptions and do a lot of trap/neuter/release of stray and feral cats in our town and surrounding towns, we also have a community pet food bank for people in need of a little help feeding their cats and dogs. 


 We are not fancy people, we don't have a big fancy house or fancy dogs with show haircuts, but we do have a great family with lots of love to share with our animals, and that makes all the difference. All our poodle and Bernedoodle puppies get lots of love and attention from the day they are born.


 We are state inspected and licensed, we have been raising poodles since 2004, we got our first poodle Sylvester when our 4 children were all under 5 years old. He was our namesake for mysillydogs.


 We began our research to add Bernedoodles in 2016 then got our first boy Bernese mountain dog, Cooper. 

 We have learned so much about the breeds and how amazing they are. They are smart, silly, funny, loving, ornery, sassy, crazy, talkative, playful, lazy, loyal, devoted, adorable, adventurous, happy, full of personality and so much more. We think everyone should have one or maybe two.

 We raise our dogs in our home (our dirty floors are proof), they steal our beds, hog the couch, get all our love and attention, wake us up in the morning with paws or noses in our face, get under our feet when we walk, wait outside the shower for us, and peak under doors to make sure we are still there, they make us happy when we are feeling down and we couldn't imagine life without them.

 All our puppies are born in our home, we are with them when they deliver and we help them to clean up the babies and ensure they are all healthy and nursing well so they become fat and sassy.


 At 3-5 days old babies go to the Vet to have a checkup and have dew claws and tails removed if needed, babies remain in the house, normally in our bedrooms until they are about 4 weeks old when they start having trips outside, they also begin eating mushy food with NuVet in it at 4-5 weeks, they have no teeth yet but that don't stop them, so by the time mom decides to begin weaning them at 4-6 weeks they know what food is and are eating well.

 When they begin to eat food we start taking them out in the mornings to go to the bathroom, and then several times a day and before bed so they become used to going outside to potty, by the time you take them home they have the idea of potty training, they are not fully trained yet, but started.

 At 4 weeks we give them the first puppy vaccine (parvo only) and de-worming and then at 7 weeks they recieve a second vaccination (5 in 1) and deworming so they can begin to build up an immunity before leaving our home.

They are well socialized and will get lots of love and snuggles before they go home, they are around other dogs, our cat Milo passed away so not around cats anymore, but people and a loud noisy household.

 We welcome people to come and see our beautiful dogs in person to choose a baby or I can do lots of pictures and videos if its not possible to make the trip. 

When you choose your baby I will send you updates and pictures as often as you like so you can see them as they grow, just send me a text and Ill take a current picture of your baby and send it back, I do get busy and forget sometimes so just remind me if I don't get a picture the day you ask.

Due to some unfortunate encounters with pesky viruses and parasites we have become even more vigilant in our cleaning and disinfecting, our whelping boxes, puppy play yards, back and front yards, our kennel and dog runs (even though they are rarely used) As well as our mop bucket water. We have cleaned and cleaned again & again with bleach and now are using the Wysiwash sanitizing system to try and keep ahead of any viruses or parasites.

                                                          WHAT OUR BABIES COME HOME WITH

When they go home at 8 weeks old they will come with AKC or CKC registration application,30 day pet insurance certificate, when available through the registering club, shot record, bill of sale, copy of the contract is e-mailed to you when you complete it, a toy, and some food to transition them to what you will feed so they don't get an upset tummy.

We are easy to work with when it comes time to pick up your baby but we CAN NOT allow them to leave before they are 8 weeks old so please plan accordingly.

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