This pair will have beautiful babies in tricolor & bicolor with less white than our other girls. They have had babies before and they are adorable.

She was on break for her last cycle and her next one she will be having bernedoodles.

our list get filled very fast so get on it now if you want a baby  

choosing list for Gingers litter

Amy     M

Crystin F

William G

Richard B

Christine S

Neta    F

Melissa D

Martha  K

Nicole  P

Tate    H

Theodore  S

Tess    L

Valente R

Kendahl S

Anthony L

Janet   T

Denice  B

Kacy    B

These two will have beautiful merle or solid babies with a possibility of phantom too. They have had babies before and they are the most colorful and no 2 look alike.

We are only taking a couple deposits for this litter as she has small litters but huge healthy babies.

  place your deposit to take one       home     

She is due the begining of November


Daniella  B 

Kirsten   N

JoLynn    D

These two will have beautiful litter the first half of the year. They have had babies before and they are the most adorable and sweet babies.

We are accepting deposits to get on the list to make sure you get a chance to choose a baby.

 They have tri-color as well as

bi-color babies, there is always a chance of phantom or solid too.

We believe, if mother nature allows, that this litter will be born around March (give or take).

These two cuties will be haveing a litter the first half of the year too.They have babies with the cutest little faces you have ever seen.

We are accepting deposits for this litter, make sure you get a chance to choose a baby by placing a deposit as they get picked so fast.

 Previous litters have been tri-color as well as bi-color.

we think this litter will be born around March ish, mother nature providing.

These two adorable and ornery pups will be having a litter late 2021. This will be the first litter for this pair, and the first litter for Winter (left),

This will be an all parti litter, most likly with tricolor babies as well as merle babies, and could even have tricolor merle. 

This will be an amazing pairing as both have tri color, both have or carry phantom. 

I am so excited to see the babies these 2 will have togeather.

Nugget looks shaggie in this picture and we love his scruffy face, but when trimmed short you can really se the beautiful merle come through.

These babies will be in high demand and will be picked quickly, we are currently accepting deposits for this litter

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