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adult cream standard poodle


Weight 55 lbs

Stands 26" at the shoulders

Cream and white & parti factored

She is very playful & requires lots of petting, 

you could be an octopus and still not have enough hands to pet her.

She is a semi dominant girl and is a great watchdog, She loves to sleep on our bed

and not move when you want to get in.

DNA Health tested


black and white poodle


Weight 52 lbs,

24" at the shoulders

Black & White parti

She is a very quiet and reserved

but loves to play. 

She sleeps on our bed sometimes constantly

but loves to be outside especially after dark, because she likes to bark at the deer.       

She is semi dominant

DNA Health tested 


black poodle


Weight 49 lbs, stands 23" at the shoulders

Black & White abstract & parti factored

She is super intuitive

and is especially attuned for Marshalls feelings and emotions,

She lays on his back when it hurts,

She hugs him when he is upset.

She is a semi dominant girl and takes a bit to warm up to new people

DNA Health tested

black and white parti standard poodle


Weight 56 lbs

Stands 28" at the shoulders 

He is Blue & white, he carries for Phantom & Brindle

He is so sweet and affectionate,

He is a gentle soal &

loves to have his chest rubbed.

He loves to sleep on the bed

and thats his favorite place to nap.

DNA Health tested 

OFA Hips good 

OFA Elbows normal

Available for stud service

tri color poodle

She is 52 lbs and is 25 inches,
She is a beautiful girl, 

She is a tri color, parti with phantom & sable
She has been DNA tested. 
She is a very curious but cautious girl,
She loves to get into the shower with us when we leave the door open,
then get out and run around & back in the shower.
She loves the water.
She is affectionate and sweet.
She loves to sleep on our bed and take dog beds outside.

tri color poodle with ticking

Buddy Boy

Weight 68 lbs,

Takes a while to become comfortable with new things,

He has a soft and gentle heart,

He loves to run and play.

He loves everyone, and is so calm

He is going to be a big boy.

He is not the first in line and calmly waits his turn 

DNA health tested

Available for stud service when he is older

black and white poodle with ticking

Little Miss

Weight 54 lbs,

She is a submissive girl but full of spunk,

She loves to run and play with her brother.

She loves everyone, and is so feisty.

She is sweet, loving and loves to sleep on the bed.

She is very ornery and so funny. 

She takes a bit to warm up to new people.

DNA health tested

white standard poodle


She weighs 46 lbs, still growing

She is a white and carries parti

Stands 24" at the shoulders

She is a submissive girl,

She loves to run, play & chew on her sister.

She is so sweet and loves everyone

She is so happy and bouncy.

She loves pets but would rather be playing.

DNA health tested


KODA (Kabota)

Bernese Mountain Dog

Weight 85 lbs,

Stands 25" at the shoulders

He is still young and playful,

He is very ornery, & very happy.

He is friendly and affectionate once he is your buddy.

He is a tank and just runs into you with no

regard to his size, but he loves pets and other dogs.

He is very attached to his human.

DNA health tested



red Standard poodle
red standard poodle
cream standard poodle
white poodle, brown poodle, black and white poodle
silver poodle
red and white poodle
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