We are actively seeking guardian homes for a boy Bernese mountain dog adult, a boy Bernese mountain dog puppy. Guardian needs to live within about 2 hours from us (Paonia), as they will be used in our breeding program.

If interested please contact us. 



 Please read the entire contract

and fill it out if you plan to place a deposit,

this contract will give you all the details

on what to expect from us,

what your baby will have before they come home to you,

the first vet check,

the shots, de-wormings, ect.

This will also let you know in advance

what we are expecting of you,


if you have any questions about this contract,

our practices, our babies, our adult dogs,

testing or just anything you may be unsure about

just ask.

I am always happy to talk about my dogs,

and would much rather all the questions be answered before you place a deposit.

We are activly seeking potential guardian homes.

Currently for a boy bernese mountain dog puppy and possibly for an adult male poodle.


This is an chance for a family to have a dog 

with no/minimal initial out of pocket cost. It allows us to add diversity to our breeding program and have the new dogs live in a forever home with a loving family, the family will need to work with us to allow us to use the boy for breeding in our program. We cover all breeding related testing, and breeding related expences and the guardian family covers the normal everyday care and upkeep of the dog. After a set amount of time the dog will be neutered at our expence and will solely belong to the family.

We ask that you live within 2 hrs from us, have a fully fenced yard, not allow the male to breed any other dogs but the ones we set up, and be willing and able to work with us.

If you are interested please contact us.