Like many breeders,

 to provide quality pets and a great life

for all our dogs we must limit the number of dogs we keep in our home to about 10.

 This is when guardian homes come into play. Guardian's will get a quality dog

at little to no cost

as long as they abide by the rules of the contract.

The guardian will house & care for the dog, provide regular vet care & check ups

at guardians expense, nutritional food & exercise,

have previous dog experience,

fenced yard

and the willingness & ability to deliver dog to breeder as needed for breeding & whelping. Very limited number of dogs will be placed in guardian homes.



 Please read the entire contract

and fill it out if you plan to place a deposit,

this contract will give you all the details

on what to expect from us,

what your baby will have before they come home to you,

the first vet check,

the shots, de-wormings, ect.

This will also let you know in advance

what we are expecting of you,


if you have any questions about this contract,

our practices, our babies, our adult dogs,

testing or just anything you may be unsure about

just ask.

I am always happy to talk about my dogs,

and would much rather all the questions be answered before you place a deposit.

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