We would love to see all babies from us be part of this page. So all poodle & bernedoodle relitives can enjoy updates.

Brandon Kennedy
Nov 6

A little late Kona was born on October 5th, 2018 and we threw a lil party for her.
Sep 29

Javis &
Sep 13

Happy 3rd Birthday 🎂
Jun 29

We love Junie so much! She is super fun, sweet, and smart. She is having fun taking walks in the woods behind our house and playing in the ditch with her new brother Jake (yellow lab).
carol tenerove
Apr 6

I'm from Sillydogs 1st bernedoodle littler. I'm very smart and know all my commands, sit, lay, shake and stay. I'm a big boy! (40lbs at 4 months) and I love playing at the dog park!
Cayla Beane
Mar 25

Tish Mason
Mar 4

Our beautiful girl was born 7/17/2018. This amazing little lady (50 lbs) has thouroughly stolen our hearts and the hearts of all those she meets. She is currnetly in training to be a therapy dog a
Feb 17

I love playing with m y family, I am very smart and I love to cuddle!
Feb 2

Finny is almost a year and a half now. He is super silly and so confident. We couldn't imagine life without this goofball ❤️. We love browsing the site and "showing" him pics of his momma and siblings
Jan 2

George Springer (famously named after the Houston Astros' right fielder), came into our home spring 2017, at 8 weeks old. Never missing a beat Springer adjusted immediatly to our family. Not only w
Kristin Snooks
Oct 2

This little girl is such a sweetheart and so willing to learn. Excited to add her to our family!
Sep 28

Almost 5 months old. Sweet and spicy!!
Jane Richardson
Sep 11

May 13

Lydia D
Apr 4

Mar 11

Andrew Aegerter
Mar 4

We got both of these beautiful puppers from Sillydog's Poodles! They've been so much fun, and are the perfect addition to the family! Athena is a 1 year old Standard Poodle, born February 2018, and A
Donna MacQuigg
Feb 3

Hi, I was born on July 17th, and now I'm almost grown up. I'm very spoiled - I get on the furniture and I sleep with my mom on her bed even though I have several nice doggy beds around our house. I'm
Michelle Krans
Jan 16

Theodore is from Sillydog's first Bernedoodle litter, born Oct. 13, 2018. We kept his original name but call him Theo. He's adjusting wonderfully to his new home and gets LOTS of attention! He's s
Jan 2

Laela’s about a year and a half old now! Her hobbies include catching squirrels, running circles around other dogs at the park, snuggling, and trying to Jedi mind trick her humans into sharing their f
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